Food insecurity



Around the world, hundreds of millions of people suffer from hunger. They cannot eat sufficiently for many reasons: conflicts, natural or climatic disasters, epidemics or economic crises.

The populations affected by malnutrition are very often already in a situation of vulnerability, suffering from poor health and low incomes. Children, in particular, are particularly vulnerable.

In order to support these populations exposed to food insecurity, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL intervenes in many countries around the world. Programs to develop food security and livelihoods are transversal, acting on the local economy through agricultural production.

In emergency situations, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams distribute a variety of foodstuffs in order to meet people’s initial needs. Coupons are also distributed, enabling people to go directly to the markets to buy the products. This approach also promotes the economic development of local producers.

In addition to emergency aid, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL implements programs that promote the empowerment and food security of populations in the long term. Indeed, the teams participate in the rehabilitation of structures involved in production, such as land irrigation services or storage warehouses. In addition to the facilities, valuable skills are also passed on to the population: Local people benefit from agricultural equipment and all the information necessary for their use and for the revival of regional agriculture.

In areas that are vulnerable to climatic hazards, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams also help maximize yields. Innovative practices inspired by agro-ecology are tried out and in-depth reflection is carried out in order to produce fruit and vegetable varieties adapted to the environment.

In the city as well, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL helps families affected by malnutrition. In small areas, the teams develop food-related infrastructures, such as markets, while increasing the population’s income and thus their purchasing power.

All of these programs supported by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL are designed to meet the primary needs of populations in a sustainable, balanced and ecological manner.

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