Yemen is weakened by recurrent conflicts. The first victims are the populations, the vast majority of whom are in urgent need of basic humanitarian aid.

The armed conflict has triggered an economic, social and health crisis. Those who survive lack essential resources to develop their income and thus access livelihoods. Millions of people in the country lack food and access to water and health services.

These needs, coupled with the weakness of the territory’s resources, create acute health risks. Indeed, the context is favorable to the development of epidemics such as cholera or Covid-19, further aggravating the distress of the population.

In the country, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is first mobilized in the emergency. The teams are restoring essential urban infrastructure in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene, in particular with drinking water points and latrines. The aid provided is complemented by a food approach with the development of several food security programs: distribution, awareness raising, etc.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams are also involved in the rehabilitation of shelters, many of which were destroyed during the fighting. They are being optimized in order to accommodate displaced families safely and in decent conditions.

Finally, preparation for possible population movements and influxes and the new needs associated with them is an integral part of the mission. In the field, in this difficult context, our teams are working to provide complete, organized and sustainable humanitarian aid to the population.

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