SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL welcomes the Logistics Cluster

Published on Monday 17 October 2016

It’s all hands on deck as SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL gets ready to welcome the representatives of over 50 humanitarian organisations who will attend this week’s Logistics Cluster Global Meeting, here on the outskirts of Paris.

Logistics Cluster GLM 2014 Paris AdminNote 140410-1The Logistics Cluster was created in 2005 as part of a series of wide-ranging reforms designed to strengthen coordination between humanitarian actors and thereby improve existing responses to the needs of vulnerable populations.

Headed by the World Food Programme (WFP), the Logistics Cluster is tasked with ensuring that “an effective and efficient logistics response takes place in each and every operation” carried out by the international humanitarian community.

Its members meet twice a year in different locations. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is honoured to be hosting the first meeting of 2014, attended by over 50 humanitarian organisations.

On the agenda: humanitarian responses to sudden-onset natural disasters, with a special focus on the recent emergency in the Philippines. The Cluster will also discuss responses to “complex” emergencies including the current crises in the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Syria.

The two-day meeting will be followed by a one-day Cash and Markets Forum, looking at the role of logistics in cash-based initiatives, an increasingly common element of humanitarian responses to natural and man-made disasters.

“Obviously, we are proud to be a part of the Logistics Cluster. Being able to meet like this has a positive impact on the quality of the work we do in the field, individually and collectively. But on top of that, hosting the meeting is a great opportunity for us to welcome our partners and show them where and how we work,” says Nicolas Brulé, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s Head of Logistics.