Published on Tuesday 26 January 2021

Kevin Goldberg has been appointed CEO of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in early January 2021. He is taking over from Alexandre Giraud, who has joined the Fondation de France, last fall.

In the face of crises, humanitarian aid must remain a priority

I am joining the ranks of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL at a time when the world sees crises piling up and exacerbating like never before. And in times of crisis, the most vulnerable are always the hardest hit. There is cause for concern about the economic and social aftermath of the health crisis and its destabilizing effect on the most fragile states and their populations.  But beyond Covid-19, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s 2,350 employees are witnessing first-hand the conflicts that are lingering on or escalating, the many population displacements that they are causing, the chronic food insecurity situations, the recurring epidemics and the natural disasters that are multiplying and heightening because of climate change.

Some core principles

I have my heart set on being fully in line with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s mission: to strive to give populations facing crises access to drinking water, food, livelihood and shelter. In carrying out its mandate, our organization can rely on fundamentals that are widely recognized : access to the most vulnerable people, wherever they are , and widely acclaimed expertise regarding emergency response, such as implementing lasting solutions in face of waterborne diseases or food insecurity. And finally, an unwavering work ethic as well as a sturdy respect towards humanitarian principles which guides all our actions.

Preparing for tomorrow’s humanitarian work

I also care about guiding our organization through the evolutions it has to embrace: our voice must be louder, environmental issues must take a growing place in our actions, we must keep on innovating in the field, etc. There are plenty of challenges ahead!

But the crux is just this: SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides vital and dignified aid to more than 4,6 million people every year, in the world’s most difficult areas. It is this unique identity, these core values of commitment, audacity and professionalism that I wish to uphold, with ambition and enthusiasm.


Kevin Goldberg in 5 key figures

2008 First professional experiences within the European sphere

2011 I joined an association of elected representatives as project manager

2013 I became the manager of development and partnerships, within the SOS Group

2017 I became the director of the International Action department, within the SOS Group