Bioforce : Alain Boinet, founder of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL patron of the 2017-2018 class

Published on Thursday 28 September 2017

The Bioforce Institute, a training organisation for careers in humanitarian aid that has just opened a branch in Dakar, Senegal, wishes to pay tribute to Alain Boinet, founder of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, by choosing him to be the patron of the 2017-2018 class.

He is a privileged vector between the humanitarian community and public authorities. He defends the necessity to uphold France’s commitment to aid and a specific path, particularly on humanitarian access.” Thus was how Alain Boinet was introduced to Bioforce students this year. He will be the patron for 500 students, trained in Dakar (Senegal) and in Venissieux, France.

Get involved, be efficient, supportive and coordinated.”

To the students in the Dakar Institute, the man succeeding Claus Sorensen, Jean-François Deniau, Jean-Christophe Rufin or Dr Denis Mukwege, insisted on the importance of opening a branch on the African continent as well as on the commitment needed to provide efficient relief. “The humanitarian community supports Bioforce’s initiative to focus on West Africa. You are its first class, which is telling of the commitment and the will to train for more efficiency. Commitment and efficiency are the pillars of humanitarian aid! Our job is done first and foremost on the ground of emergencies! And Bioforce trains for better efficiency of actions on the ground. When you will be on the ground, always look to do more, to do better! Get involved, be efficient, supportive and coordinated altogether to increase the scope of your actions!


Bioforce and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, a long term partnership

Opened in 1983, Bioforce Institute is a real training school for human resources at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. Present within NGO Forum, in the Perfection Council, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is part, every year, of the Top Ten employers, according to the students. Some trainings have been conducted specifically for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s teams and the Institute hosts the regional representative of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in West Africa. Therefore, “Class Alain Boinet” was a no-brainer and should strengthen the relationship that already exists between Bioforce and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.