Emergency response to the needs of the Ukrainian population affected by the conflict in Ukraine and Moldova
17.994 civilians killed or injured (OCHA, 01/23)
5.914 internally displaced people in Ukraine (IOM), including 1M children
7.915.163 Ukrainian refugees in Europe (IOM, December 2022)
501.843 people assisted since March 2022


In February 2022, Russia launched an armed offensive against Ukraine from its Eastern, Northern and Southern borders. Since then, much of the country and its infrastructure has been devastated by air strikes and ground fighting.

The human impact is huge: many people have been killed and injured and millions have been forced to leave their homes. The advance of the Russian Federation army into the country was immediately followed by massive displacement, which continued as the war progressed: in September, an estimated 5.9 million people were internally displaced and 7.9 million from Ukraine were refugees outside their country.

The material damage is also considerable. Many homes and buildings have been demolished, hospitals are no longer functioning or are overwhelmed, and water, electricity and gas networks have been severely damaged or destroyed. Access to essential goods such as food, medicine and fuel is very difficult; the economy, markets and financial system are no longer functional, affecting the ability of the Ukrainian population to meet their basic needs.

The situation is particularly alarming for displaced people. They often no longer have jobs and therefore cannot afford to buy food, hygiene products or clothes. Many are crammed into collective housing, sometimes precarious and poorly heated, in areas where the infrastructure is either inoperative or not designed for such large numbers of people.

In neighbouring countries, and particularly in Moldova, where SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is working, the conditions for refugees are often very poor.

  • 44 million inhabitants before the conflict
  • 77th out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 2022
  • Team 35 international staff
    78 national staff
  • Budget 27M€

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s strategy in Ukraine is based on three pillars.

Firstly, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL intervenes in areas directly affected by the fighting, not far from the front line, directly and with local partners.
Interventions are multi-sectoral and aim to:

  • to provide support in terms of food and essential items in areas where markets have been disrupted;
  • provide access to safe drinking water for affected populations through the rehabilitation of damaged water networks, water trucking and the distribution of bottled water;
  • helping the conflict-affected population to keep warm;
  • where possible (functional markets), assistance is provided through the distribution of cash to cover basic needs.

These interventions take place in the Kharkiv, Dnipro, Donetsk, Mykolaïev and Kherson Oblasts.

A second axis of intervention aims to provide support to people who are in transit to safer areas.
This intervention consists of:

  • providing hot meals, bottled water and travel kits (dry food and hygiene products) to families in transit;
  • supporting the collective centres or town halls that receive them during their transit.

These interventions, which intensity varies according to the waves of displacement, are carried out along the transit routes, mainly from Dnipro to Lviv.

Finally, multisectoral assistance is provided to displaced persons in the west of the country (Lviv and Uman) or in the major cities (Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv and secondary cities) as well as to refugees in Moldova and to vulnerable host populations.
This includes:

  • either individual assistance in the form of cash distribution, hygiene kits and/or essential items;
  • assistance to host families (Moldova) or collective centres sheltering displaced persons or refugees (food, water, hygiene, sanitation, winterisation, etc.);
  • or rehabilitation of housing infrastructure or collective centres.

BHA, ECHO, CDCS, AFD, UHF, UNICEF, WFP, Fondation de France, Mairie de Béthune, Fondation Abbé Pierre, Elma, Sénéo, Decathlon, Chose Love, Wavestone, Artelia, Air Liquide

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