From 1998 to 2001


On 23 March 1999, NATO ordered air strikes in Serbia, as part of the Kosovo War. 15 tons of depleted uranium ammunition were used during this bombing. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL came to the aid of refugees from Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as some of the most vulnerable Serbs.

Our action

In 1999, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL decided to provide assistance to refugees fleeing the fighting and help some of the most vulnerable populations in Serbia.

Our teams implemented contributed to the improvement of water access, for the benefit of 141,500 people. They helped increase drinking water provision in the towns of Ruma and Vrnjcka Banja, and installed surge control protection at Lipovica Pump Station.
Teams also took action in the industrial town of Pancevo (20 km from Belgrade), which was one of the places hardest hit by bombings in Serbia. Owing to the destruction of a petrochemical complex and fertiliser factories, large quantities of toxic substances (mercury, ammonia, crude oil…) had been discharged into the ground. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL responded by rehabilitating water infrastructure (treatment, distribution…), so that 150,000 people could avoid contamination from these toxic substances.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL also worked to rehabilitate the Dr Miroslav Zotovic Hospital to improve the standard of care provided to paraplegic children, and distributed food aid to refugees from Belgrade and Kraljevo as well as the most vulnerable populations in Serbia.

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