From 1994 to 2000


The period from April to July 1994 saw a conflict between the government and the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which led to the genocide that claimed 800,000 lives in the space of 100 days (UN). Even today, it is still considered to be one of the most barbaric and bloody ethnic conflicts in the history of humanity.

Our action

From 1994, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL supplied extreme emergency aid to 11 camps for 70,000 displaced persons. Our teams organized the distribution of 8,000 tonnes of basic need items (food, plastic sheeting, jerry cans…) using 11 trucks in continuous rotation.

Between 1995 and 1996, our activities were organized around 4 key areas: food, aid delivery, training and shelter.
Rehabilitation operations began in six nutritional centres in the Kibuye region, reaching 3,000 children in 1995, and 1,500 in 1996. After taking charge of the renovations, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL trained Rwandan teams in logistics management for the centres, so as to ensure they were adequately supplied. Food shops were also set up, providing food and hygiene products at very low prices. To ensure healthy and varied food self-sufficiency, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL distributed rabbits, poultry and even vegetable seeds.

Using eight trucks to transport thousands of tonnes of products, distributions were divided between 11 camps.
Our teams sheltered returning populations who had fled the fighting, such as in November and December 1996 when 12,000 Rwandan refugees returned from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). On that occasion, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL distributed 40 tonnes of rice and 300 tonnes of firewood to seven reception camps.

Next, and until the end of the mission in 2000, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s activities focused on providing sustainable access to drinking water by rehabilitating water supply and sanitation networks, as well as training local committees to manage this infrastructure.

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