Ivory Coast

From 2003 to 2014


Following the post-electoral crisis that hit Ivory Coast and the subsequent displacement of over a million people, several areas, like Duékoué in the west of the country, became real pockets of vulnerability. This region is characterized by strong community tensions and by fragile social cohesion, all of which combines to produce a particularly volatile situation.

Our action

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provided integrated assistance for communities returning to the Duékoué area, to foster long-lasting resettlement and decent living conditions. All the projects implemented in Ivory Coast took into account the importance of active community participation, to encourage acceptance and restore social cohesion.

Through these activities, our teams participated in collaborative projects to build and rehabilitate shelters and to improve access to drinking water by renovating infrastructure. Agricultural recovery activities supported returning populations to help them regain their livelihoods.

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