Darfur (Sudan)

From 2004 to 2009


In February 2003, the war in Darfur – an interethnic conflict that claimed many civilian victims – exacerbated an already acute food crisis. The toll – although still disputed – stood at 300,000 dead and 2.7 million displaced people. The humanitarian situation there was catastrophic. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams decided to intervene in 2004.

Our action

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL quickly opened a number of bases operating out of Darfur to meet the needs observed in the area.
Over five years of intervention in the country, our teams took action in Nyala, Nertiti, Muhajaria, Shaeria, Gorne, Saga, Ngabo, Labado, Motorwed and El Daein.

They helped provide drinking water, oversee sanitation, ensure food security and handle displaced persons. Teams also organized distributions of food, basic necessities (jerry cans, blankets…), shelter building material, farming tools, seeds, and fertiliser.

To address water, sanitation and hygiene concerns, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL contributed its expertise to the rehabilitation and installation of water infrastructure (bore holes, wells, pumps…) and the construction of latrines. Our teams also trained communities to organize water management committees, to ensure infrastructure management would be taken care of by local populations.

For schools, they also organized rehabilitation work, distributed school equipment and conducted hygiene awareness sessions, as well as building latrines and installing rainwater collection tanks, all with the aim of improving learning conditions for pupils.

In 2009, at a time when 42 international staff and 320 Sudanese staff were working for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in Darfur, our teams had to suspend their activities following a deportation order from the Sudanese authorities which interrupted our provision of essential aid to local populations.


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