Emergency assistance for all the Venezuelan migrants on the Caminantes migration route
5.4 million Venezuelans fled the country to a country within the region in 2020 (according to the UNHCR)
2.4 million Venezuelans are welcomed by Colombia (2022)
7.7 million people in need
102.153 people helped


The humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate in 2022. The combined effects of violent fighting by armed groups to gain territory, the COVID-19 crisis and various natural and climate related disasters caused massive population displacements and hindered protection.

Colombia was also severely affected by the socio-economic and political crisis in Venezuela: in 2022, the country provided refuge for 2.4 million Venezuelan migrants. This mass migration continued to seriously impact Colombia’s social, demographic, political, economic, cultural and security context. An estimated 7.7 million people needed humanitarian assistance. Due to uneven development within the country, many regions have been left behind, depriving the vulnerable populations living there of the necessary resources to meet their needs. This was particularly the case for “caminantes”, men and women migrating from Venezuela on foot for hundreds of kilometers.

  • 51 million inhabitants
  • 88th out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 2019
  • Team 8 international staff
    102 national staff
  • Budget 3.73M€

Our organization implemented an ambitious humanitarian project to transport “caminantes” using buses. This program improved protection for the most vulnerable people during their journey (families, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people over 65 years of age) by transporting them towards their destination within the country. This reduced the risks arising from long days walking along the roadside.

According to their needs, the people we assisted also benefited from protection services provided by our partners or state authorities, including health, psychosocial support and family reunification. Special attention was paid to the detection and prevention of child trafficking.


Institutional and private funding partners BHA, ECHO, BPRM, GIZ, WFP
Operating partners FLM, PUI, Fundación De Pana que Si, Fundación Fuvadis, Pueblos Hermanos, Fundación Entre Dos Tierras, Fundación Nueva Illusión, Fuvecuc

Our impact

Improving accommodation for Venezuelans migrating on foot

  • Distribution of hot meals and ready-to-eat food kits for “caminantes” in transit
  • Improvement of living conditions in shelters and provision of equipment and sleeping materials (mattresses and blankets)
  • Rehabilitation of showers, latrines and hand-washing points, as well as sanitary facilities in schools, in the areas most affected by migration
  • Humanitarian transport
  • Distribution of hygiene materials
  • Awareness raising on preventive measures and good hygiene practices
  • Support and capacity-building for civil society
  • Support for the regularization of “caminantes” who have settled in the country

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