Working with local farmers to promote sustainable agriculture in Myanmar

Published on Friday 21 June 2024

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been present in Myanmar for over a decade, working alongside local partners. In January 2023, in Kachin State, our teams joined forces with Alinn Banmaw, a Burmese NGO, to improve food security for inhabitants. Here is the idea: develop Alinn Banmaw’s capacities so that it can train leading farmers each year in agroecological techniques adapted to local environments and resources.  

By developing the partner’s capacities, our NGO is promoting the sustainability of the project. In the farmer training center created and managed by Alinn Banmaw, our teams have strengthened the infrastructure, upgraded the water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and supported the introduction of the first 25 farmers to agroecology. The latter then pass on what they have learned to their communities. They will also be provided with suitable agricultural equipment and inputs, enabling them to apply the good practices directly.   

At the same time, research has been carried out to identify the most suitable agricultural sectors – fruit growing, rice, corn, legumes – and to promote existing environmentally-friendly practices that preserve soil health and fertility. This innovative and relevant initiative should enable 5,000 people in the region to benefit from good sustainable farming practices. In short, a virtuous cycle in a long-term project that gives prominence to our local partner. 

  • 54.4 million inhabitants
  • 149th out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index
  • 178,000 people helped