Yemen: a “frontliner” mission

Published on Monday 25 June 2018

Yemen, hit by civil war for nearly 4 years, is currently home to more than 22 million people in need. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides people with hand to hand assistance, close to the front line. A mission among those requiring the strongest commitment.


By Johan Lefebvre-Chevallier, Middle East desk manager

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been present in Yemen since November 2017. Today we are intervening in the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.


We need rather unique skills, but also people who want to respond urgently to vulnerable populations.


We work in the south of the country, with a coordination base in Aden and with a development objective in other areas of the south. We therefore provide emergency responses linked to the conflict, but also to structural problems. We work on water, sanitation and hygiene. We also organize cash distributions to help people in need as much as possible.


So if you like challenges, if you like a “frontliner” response, as we say, join us!





  • 32.98 million inhabitants
  • 183rd out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index
  • 341,280 people helped