Myanmar : The inhabitants rely exclusively on rainwater

Published on Monday 13 May 2013
Ko Myint So, du township de Monywa

In Nyaung Pin Thar village, home of Ko Myint So, the only available pond is far too small, this water source dries up in March…
As a result, the inhabitants rely almost exclusively on rainwater, for both drinking and domestic use.

“Our village was founded 70 years ago. Given that the village depends solely on rainwater for drinking and domestic use, the villagers simply cannot find enough water for their needs. Consequently, the village pond has become degraded because the sediment has not been cleaned out each year. In fact, for the past few years, the pond hasn’t been retaining water properly and has been drying up in March. Since the village is poor, the villagers do not have the means to clean it. Last year the colour of the pond water changed and there was a bad smell. This was caused by cowpats, urine and other dirt which is carried in on the feet of villagers as they come to collect water with their ploughs, and which is then mixed into the pond water. However, we don’t have any other choice and, as a result, the villagers catch diarrhoea.

Since we spend most of our time working we don’t have much time to fetch water. As a result, 10 or 12 year-old children have to fetch water for their families. When the pond was dry, we used to collect water in the bore hole dug by the Township Development Committee in the centre of the main village. A plow costs 200 kyats and a yoke 25 kyats. People who don’t have enough money to buy water must go to the well, 1 km from the village. It is very difficult for us.

Now, all our troubles have been solved. The pond has been restored thanks to the intervention of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL and the donations

by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). All sediment has been removed from the pond and a pipe has been installed connecting it to the village. There is now always water in the pond.
Villagers now have water from a tap in their homes. The situation is very much improved. For this reason, they are very grateful to DANIDA and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. These organizations will surely be forever engraved on our hearts.
In all, the dream the villagers so much hoped for has become a reality. All the trouble is in the past and we can maintain this good situation in the future. it is as if we have found an oasis.”

  • 53,8 millions inhabitants
  • 26% poverty rate
  • 145th out of 189 on the Human Development Index
  • 161,000 people helped