Sharing SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL actions on social media

Published on Monday 29 February 2016

Amir Alameddine has been working for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in Lebanon for more than a year. Previously a volunteer for the Lebanese Red Cross, he joined our team as a Hygiene Promoter. Now in charge of water trucking, he has bigger responsibilities and loves what he does.

The aspect I love the most about this job is solving problems, communicating with our beneficiaries and helping people as much as I can. With my new responsibilities, I do different things and I love feeling responsible for the well-being of many sites.”

Amir adds that what he likes with Hygiene Promotion is to be able to gain respect and acceptance of the populations to access the site and perform his mission. “I recommend that you always smile and share what you do to get integrated to the beneficiary population. If they hate you the first day, you will never have access to the site again. And this is why it is important to gain respect and to build trust”.

Liban word toilet dayAmir prepares the organization of a puppet show on the occasion of World Toilet Day on November 19th.

Amir likes to take pictures and is already used to sharing them on social media. But sharing pictures of his work is also meaningful for him.“It is important to share what we do because many people don’t know what hygiene promotion consists of.” In his circle of friends and relatives, even friends working in other NGOs, some of them have snaps of their activities. “They believe we just play with kids and do funny activities. But we have a very important mission: we visit the same people in the same site more than 20 times, we know the people and we know the problems they are facing. Waste is a major issue. We raise awareness of the municipalities, of the people in the site about waste management and good hygiene practices. Without hygiene promotion, diseases can break out and it can lead to major tensions in the area”.

Liban solidarités internationalart of his daily As pwork, Amir makes sure that the work of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL and its partners is acknowledged by the beneficiaries.

“Everything I have learned is from hygiene promotion. This is why I share pictures; I always choose a different one, illustrating another activity. I want to show the diversity of our actions.”Usually Amir shares pictures with his colleagues to enrich the picture database and testify on what’s happening in the field every day. “When I want to take a picture, I focus on each picture: how I should take it, our logo or the donor’s logo should be there, I remember the advice I received during the photography training and I also look at what SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is posting from other missions to get inspired or have a better idea of what they post”.

  • 5.5 million inhabitants
  • 28,6% poverty rate
  • 72nd out of 188 on the Human Development Index
  • 75,000 people helped