Haiti: our teams in action in the south of the country

Published on Saturday 8 October 2016

Bleak landscapes, destroyed houses, makeshift shelters blown away, cities almost erased from the map and around 1,000 deaths. Populations are traumatised by hurricane Matthew, and the toll is rising every day. Our humanitarian teams in the south of the country are searching by all means to provide an emergency aid to affected people.

With dirty waters, sludge and floods, a cholera outbreak is now confirmed, with around 60 noted cases.

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Our emergency actions in Port-au-Prince

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s teams in Port-au-Prince are chlorinating watering holes, spraying households affected by cholera, and distributing hygiene kits to families from the most affected districts. They are coordinating all distributions in the capital Port-au-Prince, and are conducting needs assessment to provide an appropriate response.

The fear of a cholera outbreak in the south

In Jacmel and in the south-eastern country, our cholera response team is answering to appeals from local authorities which are noticing new cases. Around 60 cases have been noticed. Our teams are searching the best way to spread out in the affected areas, unreachable because of damage caused by the hurricane. Today, the priority is to continue the disinfection of households affected by cholera, to distribute hygiene kits and above all chlorine tabs, with the aim to allow every family to decontaminate their drinking water.

In Les Nippes, one of our cholera response teams was in the area before the hurricane’s passing. They are now organising a new operational base in Miragoane. This team will be strengthened in the next hours by emergency logistics and water, sanitation and hygiene response experts. Here too, our priority is to fight against cholera.

Every donation is going directly to the field. Every donation means chlorine tabs to allow families to use drinkable water, shelters, and a way to mitigate a probable cholera outbreak. We have to provide the fast and the best response to the needs of people affected by hurricane Matthew.

To provide a lifesaving aid in the first days of this disaster, your support is essential!


  • 10.5 million inhabitants
  • 58.6% poverty rate
  • 168th out of 188 on the Human Development Index
  • 530,077 people helped