AFGHANISTAN : Food for training: much more than meets the eye (2)

Published on Wednesday 30 April 2014

Last time, we heard from the women. Now, it’s time for the men who took part in our vocational training programme in the Kabul Informal Settlements to share their stories. 

Male trainees can choose between a number of different crafts, including carpentry, car mechanics, motorbike mechanics, tailoring and plumbing. Some of them even find that the training awakens a passion for their newfound profession.


Bacharmal, 21 years old

“I used to be a daily worker. I didn’t have a profession, as such, and I wasn’t qualified to apply for more stable jobs.

When I started the training, I didn’t know anything about carpentry. I wanted to learn something, and at the same time earn some money to feed my family. But little by little, I started to like it.

The trainer showed me the different tools and how to use them. As the weeks went by, I learnt how to take measurements, cut wood, and put the pieces together to make a door, a window or a cupboard. I like working with wood and creating things.

For the moment, I’m capable of making small pieces of furniture. But I have ambitions now; there are things I’d like to do in the future. I’d like to open my own workshop and be my own boss.”

Niaz Mohammad

Niaz Mohammad, 18 years old

“I’ve always loved mechanics and cars. Today, I started my day by learning how the lights in a car work. Then I cleaned the motors. It’s the best way of learning how the motor works and what the different parts do.

I’ve already learnt a lot, but I know that it’s not enough if I want to become a professional car mechanic. I’d like to continue my training and open my own garage with a partner one day.”

Photos © Oriane ZERAH