AFGHANISTAN: Face winter in the Kabul Informal Settlements (2014)

Published on Tuesday 11 March 2014
As winter and colder temperatures arrive in Afghanistan, SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL is intervening to provide assistance to the vulnerable populations of the Kabul Informal Settlements (KIS) during this harsh season.
From December 2013 to February 2014, SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL ran a pilot cash and voucher distribution programme for 368 beneficiary households of the KIS. Needs can vary from one camp to another, and even within one camp. With this in mind, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL decided to implement this programme, which offers greater choice to beneficiary families : each of the 368 households can decide how to use the cash or vouchers received according to their specific needs.

Naser and his family live in Shadab Zafer camp. “I’m a daily worker, but in winter there are no jobs. Sometimes I stay at home for several days with no work. Last month, the vouchers enabled our family to have food for every day. There is still some food left for this coming month.”

afghanistan camps kaboul hiver

At the end of the programme, a survey will be conducted to determine exactly how the money from the cash distribution is spent by the families and whether the voucher distribution results in better food diversity than direct food distribution. The findings of this survey will help SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to adapt future activities and to assess whether a cash-based approach is more efficient in the KIS during the winter response.

The cash distribution is being implemented in one KIS, in Police District (PD) 4, for 46 households, while the voucher-for-food scheme benefits 322 households living in 4 camps in PD5.

In addition, in close collaboration with the partners working in the KIS, SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL has distributed blankets and tarpaulins to 306 households.